It was one of the numerous laws passed by the legislature. It was established as a single body of law, historical issues and damage control. There is a body in-law and personal acts of historical orientation of international shipping law guide interactions between agencies, to operate the ships at sea. These are issues such as industry, ocean routing, shipping, sailors, and the transport of passengers and goods by sea. The maritime law known as the Admiralty Law also protects many of the business, although traditionally done completely or area that are historical.

Through various parties and a personal study could not know the conditions and places protected mentioned in the law. Every law has its problems and unique area of expertise. In a simple way to decipher the historical law was the law of the sea, when we talk about the law, the international market develops, sea, ocean, protect international staff, routing and navigation generation market, this means in fact the law of history itself.

Maritime Law, as different laws throughout the community has its own functions as Personal injuries to passengers, Maintenance and cure, Salvage and treasure salvage and Maritime liens and mortgages

Several cases have been secured and protected by that law, is controlled and Maritime Admiralty law is a complicated area through a variety of federal regulations. Their privileges and opportunities for financial management under the merchant shipping Act and other rules of maritime recovery differ from those of any other injuries.

In the community of the maritime industry there were several unanticipated activities that may cause accidents and accidents to the employees and to the other individuals involved. There was no exclusion factor, as if in the above scenario, and in fact we can estimate that does not know that what is the next thing that we can do? The occurrence of this scenario was the contribution of the maritime law that will be very important and participate in any staff in a maritime industry has been announced.

Several offshore workers were in danger as a sunset on the beach, on the basis of their conduct and timing involved involved. The potential risk to the market is little by their people, who provide the services to the industry. The explanation described above, the purpose of the daily life of the law of the sea with the above functions. The silence and neglect of those involved was less.

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