Sea, Sailors & Superstitions

Sailors have a long tradition of superstition. One of the largest fables is that women on board ship bring bad luck. Women create anger on sea as a sign of bad luck for everyone on board. It was generally assumed that women were not as emotionally and mentally capable as men. Therefore, they had no position at the sea. It is also observed that when women were on board, men were more prone to distraction or foibles that can take away from their responsibility.
Other myth is that killing any albatross, swallow, dolphin and gull will bring huge bad luck because it is assumed that they carry the souls of Dead sailors. Killing them will disturb the soul, resulting in bad luck.
Friday is considered unlucky to start a cruise as this day Christ was crucified. They neither cut nails nor hair at the sea because it is thought as offerings to the Roman Goddess and it would make Neptune angry which would bring bad luck. Pouring wine on the deck is the sign of good luck for voyage. Black cats, swallows seen on ship and dolphins swimming with ship are good luck. If any cat comes to sailor is a good luck for ship.
One of the major myth is the naked figurehead of women, poised at bow calms the sea and her open eyes will steer the ship to safety.

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similarly many other fable are here like sea men should not carry a black bag, rats on ship will lead to sinking of ship, priests on the ship are bad luck as they dress in black lead to funeral service. Horseshoe on ship’s mast will roll away the storm. The child born on ship is considered good luck for the ship (probably, not for the new born).
Superstitions flourish in all pace of life, but the sea folk have seem to have more than their fair shared. There are so many facets the ancient sailor’s life that he has no control over—the weather, the sea, market prices, health, politics – that he tried to seize control over any aspect he could. Some believe this was out of necessity, a desire to have a little luck.

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