Floating city of Luxury – working on cruise ship

Do you fantasy of warm sun and sand? Do u lure for the exotic places? Is it the desire of the existing charm in the “cruise”? You have heard from your friends or have done a research on internet that cruise ship jobs are real fun?

Now days cruise ship jobs are attracting a lot of attention. A lot of people are yearning to be the part of this industry. All what attract is you are getting paid to travel. It’s a fact that cruise line jobs are very appropriate for those who love to travel and meeting different people.

Cruise ship is literally a city with full luxuries on sea. The jobs are classified in different ranks as the ship comprises every single post from beautician to nurse and waiter to engineers. The different ranks on cruise are as following:

Deck & engineering Department: These are the very important ranks on the ship. These ranks comprise Merchant Marine professionals. Their job is to make sure the proper working of the ship. It consists of Captain, Quarter Master, chief engineer, staff captain, AS (able seamen), electrical engineers, carpenters etc.
Administrative Officers: Officers on cruise ship keep the record of the ship’s administration. It comprises Accountants, book keepers, accounts payable staff, tour accounting etc. its generally onshore.
Service and Hospitality Department: This section of cruise ship is equally important as deck and marine engineers. Their work is to handle the management of hotels, food and passengers. It’s further subdivided into different categories as Food and Beverage Division (manages all the areas of the ship which serves food and drinks), Hotel Division (similar as hotels on shore), Retail Division (sells merchandise gifts and other stuff.), Purser Division (comprise officers responsible for on board duties), IT Division (IT staff, computer manager and technicians).
Entertainment and Activity Division: This division comprises the people who are extreme extroverts and love getting engaged in different people. Their work is to entertain the passengers on the ship. Staffs engaged in this job are DJ, Art Auctioneer, Assistant Cruise Director, Casino Staff, cruise photographer etc.
Personal Care Department: The ranks at this department are related to personal well being. Comprising spa workers, fitness instructors, massage therapist, beauticians and medical staff.

Everything has their pros and cons so as cruise ship jobs. Everything at cruise is so fun but this job is not suitable for those who undergo sea sickness. For extroverts and people who enjoy congregation it’s a perfect job.

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