Second officer the second command on the ship. The assistant to the  head of the Deck Departmant.Everybody now a day lure for a reputed post as of merchant navy officer. A profession in which you are paid for traveling, you get free accommodation and food; live a stable life. Profession in Merchant marine navy is not for those who are sea sick it’s for those who are passionate about sea, who likes explorations and are capable to work in any condition.

After Chief Officer, the Second Officer/ second mate are the third command on ship. He is also known as Watchkeeping officer, Medical officer and in charge of Radar and the Global Maritime Ships Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). In monitoring vessel operations second officer is succor to the chief officer. He is also the Navigator on the ship, in charging of updating and correcting the light house information and navigational charts. He is also the in charge of plotting the ship’s course, tracking the ships, flags, maps, following the plot, radar using, fire fighting and other emergency .

The second Mate is a Watchstander, in port and at sea. He is responsible to captain for maintaining the navigation equipments & publications, crew and cargo. The 2nd mate works for 8-12 hours on ship as well as port. The average salary of the Second Officer is $5000-5500 (approx).

The passage of theCareer of Second Officer starts from an ordinary Seaman. It takes Five years for an ordinary seaman to become a Second Officer

The eligibility for this post is nautical science and 10+2 in PCM (physics, chemistry and mathematics).

The officer should be strong and adaptive of nature, responsible, skillful and a good leader too. He should have practical knowledge, should be calm, decisive, intelligent and enthusiastic as he is in assistance to the Chief Officer. He should be accustomed with safety, security and seabourn healthiness.

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  1. Sir, i m doing engineering 4m MANET clg, pune , INDIA….I m still in 2nd year…i m little bit worried abt getting placement….as our campus placement is nt good at ol….
    So cn u help me in getting in a company or so??

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