So what exactly is – CHIEF ENGINEER?

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Merchant Navy is a lucrative profession full of long expedition to exotic place. Not limited to venturesome journeys this profession is full of experience, superb pay and cherry on the cake is that you get promotions frequently.
On the ship, come Deck officers and the Engineers. The Chief engineer- as name represents “chief” mean the Paramount or the person in charge. The Chief engineer looks after the engineering department. He is in charge over the engine room, main engine of the ship and allied equipments. The engine department consists of Chief engineer, Second engineer, Third engineer, Fourth engineer and electrical officer, motorman, Oiler and plumber. The Chief engineer supervises all equipment on the board for e.g. Engine, fuel, lube, cargo pumps, power generating equipments, air conditioner, electrical equipments etc which is undertaken by the team of engineers.
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The wages of the Chief engineer depends upon the ship, capability and experience of the individual. Most of A Chief Engineer join Merchant Navy as Trainee engineer or from Engine rating,
slowly with time and experience get promoted to Chief Engineer from 4th to 3rd
to 2nd and lastly the Chief. They work without any holiday and weekends at sea.

The eligibility for an Engineer at ship is PCM (+2), graduation in Mechanical Engineering, diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Pre Sea Training from maritime institutes approved from administration of the country.

One can be a Chief Engineer who is in love with machines. Working on vesselthere are many things to learn. The learning of an engineer never ends at sea. A Chief engineer has to be forbearance, very calm, patience, an excellent communicator and should have the ability to lead others. He should be very good at planning, decision making, diagnostic and evaluations. A sea sick & home sick person can never be an marine engineer at ship as all the time is spent working on ship without families.

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