Seafaring is a proud profession but it is not as glamorous as others are as you most of the time is spent working on ship. But surely it gives you the best experience of your life which you cannot forget ever. You learn so many things being a Cadet at ship; you see so many things, start earning at so early age. People get fascinated knowing that you work on ship and asks you so many questions about the life at ship.

A Cadet is the very first stage of an officer at ship. A Cadet is an officer under training. Before joining Merchant Navy an individual have to decide if he has to pursue his career at Deck side or in Engineering.

A Deck Cadetworks at desk side learning – Navigation, ship handling, cargo operations, safety and fire fighting. Working on deck a Cadet develops many management qualities like leadership, adjustment, responsibilities, decision making. You develop keen observation skills to foresee danger and preventive methods.

An Engineer Cadet works at engine, equipment, pumps, crank shafts, fueling, lubing and maintaining charts and maps etc. The engineering cadet learns so much about equipments and engine all in practical way. On ship there’s everyday something new to learn. A person who adores machines, this is the perfect place for him/her.

As a cadet on ship you earn $ 400 to 800 (approx) as stipends at early stage which gradually increases step by step leads you to the post of Captain/Chief engineer at last.

Eligibility of a Cadet is Graduation in Nautical science or Marine engineering, minimum eligibility is 10+2 in PCM. You earn $3000-4000, as you clear your first stage and appointed as an Officer.

Jobs at sea are not only limited to Cargo ships, there are many prospects at cruise ships, oil, onshore and offshore industry. There are huge demands of manpower in big ships. Be careful in choosing your career. There no place at sea for sea sick and home sick. It’s the paradise for those who love the eternity of sea and respect it. It gives a powerful sense and lessons to live.

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