Somalia Pirates

Somali pirates are becoming the headlines of the news worldwide and have even begun to cover the travel and leisure markets along the coast of Kenya, the impact with a series of terrifying situations, the kidnapping of Seaside Hotels. Find out who these fierce pirates are from where, how and why they have moved away from fishing to piracy.

For over 2500 years the area of Somalia has been tenanted by the Afar, Cushitic and Somali indigenous groups. A very little is known about these ethnic groups. It is said that Afar is referred to Afar Triangle. They are mythical Yemeni ancestors with different race, language and culture. They are dark brown or black folks with sharp facial features similar to darker Somali and Oromo. The Afar was involved in the Arab slave trade serving as escorts to the Arab slave trades.  They were Nomadic and carry their homes with them, with poor political conditions who wanted to standoffish from the central govt. unresponsive to prospects and proposals for change. In history, they have been active in Military Campaigns.

In the Horn of Africa In 1991, the Government of Somalia got crushed. Its 9,000 people have been reeling from hunger – and many of the ugliest forces in the west had this excellent opportunity to take over the national courts and dispose of our nuclear wastes in the ocean. At first they suffered unusual rashes on the skin, nausea and deformed babies. Then after the 2005 tsunami, hundreds thrown away and the ground cleared of leaking barrels. People began to agonize from radiation sickness and that killed more than 300 people. At same time, some European ships started prowling at seafood in Somalia’s seas.  They over exploited their resources every year- Million worth of Tuna, lobsters, shrimp; the livelihood of Somalia’s people. Thousands of people died due to starvation, fishermen lost their livings. This gave birth to the men we call “Pirates”.

These pirates do not wear eye patches; they do not carry swords like Jack sparrow and don’t have hooked hand like captain hook. They are armed with Hi-tech weapons like RPGs. They are not so called Pirates rather they are Ex-militants who fought many wars for Somalia, Ex-fishermen who know the sea and Technical professionals- the computer geeks who operates the hi-tech equipments, GPS, military hardware and satellite phones.  They mostly attack at day time; once they get a good scapegoat they hijack it. They use small speedboats to get through the ships by usually working in small groups of 10-15.
Piracy in this war torn area has become highly lucrative. The sophisticated enterprise is hauling in Million$ ransom payment. Much of the piracy has seemed to be based out of the Puntland, a semiautonomous region on the northern shore of Somalia that broke away from Somalia after 1991.

The Million $ ransom they get is dispersed among the warlords, or they buy new arms. They smuggle weapons to the Islamic groups, which may be linked to the bandit gang. Many thriving pirates live a very luxurious life; they got good weapons, marry beautiful girls, have big houses, got lavishing cars. These pirates are mostly of 20-35 years of age. There is no exact information about the number of pirates who maneuver from the Somalia’s coast.

The partially Federal government of Somalia is based in Mogadishu want to help and control the piracy but is very unsuccessful. Earlier the hardly working govt. didn’t even register the complaints from the ships they attacked nor did they take any action against the pirates.
For stable Somalia and seafarers we can only wish for an effective government which would be the real long term solution.

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