Duties of Operational Level Engineers

  Seafarers on ship hold various designations and ranks.  The duties of each  department are different.  About Deck department we have discussed earlier. Coming to Engineering Department of ship there are various ranks of Engineers on ship. Starting from Fourth to the Chief Engineer, each rank has their own liabilities. The Junior Rank of Engineers on the Ship is 3rd & 4th Engineer. They are the officers on training basically.

The Engineering department is headed by Chief Engineer and he got assisted by Second Engineer. The Second Engineer is assisted by 3rd engineer. The liabilities on the junior engineer are maintaining of engine room auxiliaries, Deck machinery, electrical systems, boilers, life boats, fuel, lube, water, air conditioners and sanitation too. The time is spent on dealing with equipments and machines. It’s not mandatory that you have to work on engine room only, you have to work anywhere on the board where ever needed.

The pay and perks varies according to shipping companies and ships. The Third and Fourth engineers get $2000-4000 (approx). The Marine or Nautical engineering is required for the entry into Merchant Navy engineering.

Engineering is a job that requires a lot of strong spirit and body; People who are hardworking, adaptive, and responsible and who love the sea and machinery. The engineering requires the individuals who have comprehensive knowledge of safety, machines, equipments, who are practical, who are able to work in any situation and condition. The jobs on ships are full of adventure, every one want to join Merchant navy and willing to work on ships. Those are lucky who got the opportunity to give their best for the tempting industry.


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