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Mother’s Day is one of the most popular of the season. What is surprising is that it is recognized around the world. Moms, you can raise your flag and be very happy to have you as a unique label. Mariner’s Planets salutes all the mothers who are working on ships, who are the mothers of hardworking Seafarers who are far away from family.

Although Mothers have changed these days to moms, the “motherhood” as the epitome of truth, devotion love and affection will always the same. And while the whole community shows to praise all the mothers, the biggest blessing of God in the weekend – know Mariner’s Planet tried to find out what the day is actually.
The origins of this holiday can be prosecuted in Britain, where a single weekend is celebrated as “Mothering Sunday”. However, the starting of the Mothers Day goes back again to the era of historical Ancient Greek and Romans. This celebration is recognized yearly across the planet in praising the excellent females of our life.
We do almost everything for our mothers on this day don’t we? We buy flowers for mother’s Day. I think the answer is very simple, if you look. We owe it to our mother a lot truly. Sometimes they are often ignored, so this day is a great memory. Our mothers have raised up with loads of love and sacrifices. They do so much whole life which no one can do. It’s the day to make your mothers feel special. Try something impressive for your mother.
Mariner’s Planet wishes you all A Very Happy Mother’s Day.
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