On 9 May 12 in or around 0208 hours Tanker Savvy was on the go about
30 nm northeast of Horsburgh Light House (1 38.0 N, 104 50.0 E), 8-10 cunning pirates boarded the ship and from two speed boats. With guns and knives, the pirates
boarded the ship via a convenient drop step on the poop deck.

Master raised the safety alaram on finding the Pirates on the ship, withdrawn Evasive maneuvers and all passenger accessibility from the inside, leading to Accommodation blocks or area of the site. The Pirates haven’t gained access to engine room and escaped from there in or around 0230 hours. The case was revealed to the
Singapore’s Port Operations Control Centre (POCC), which is also the ReCAAP
Focal Point (Singapore).

Tanker Savvy IMO 9328699, dwt 13263, built 2005; flag Singapore, manager


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Pirate’s attack at Tanker Savvy

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