Shipping has numerous meanings. It can be explained as the progress of substance through vessel. In marine consignments, land transportation is essential to carry the freight from its place of source to the seaport and then to its goal.

Shipping jobs has vast platform for the people as it gives chance to serve nation as well as to explore the marine world. There are various Shipping jobs in India off shore and on shore providing opportunity to the people. Today, various companies have setup to help individuals to get them placed in good companies.

Mariner’s Planet is one of the leading provider of Maritime jobs in India. It has tie up with many companies, agencies, suppliers, repairs & many other high profile companies which help them to place their individuals and make them reach new heights in their career. It is the top resource website serving its nation and marine industry. Mariner’s planet is an online job portal website with jobs such as Master, chief engineer, chief officer and all other related jobs of the shipping industry.

Shipping industry is one of the rising industry therefore mariners planet also help the candidate to take admission in various top nautical institutes in India and further help them to find best shipping jobs in India after the completion of their course. is the best domestic partner for your maritime needs today and tomorrow.

Shipping jobs in India


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