International Day of the Seafarer

International Day of the Seafarer

There are millions of sailors from around the world, and this is the day to pay honor to all the seafarers for the exclusive and all-too-often neglected participation to the well-being of the community. 25th June is recognized as International Day of Seafarers by IMO and United Nations.

This day have a very great importance for the marine industry. This is an opportunity to experience the contemporary concern with seafarers to handle piracy. But mostly it’s a chance for the world to say “Thank you to seafarers”
So on this day we give thanks to those who are away from home, family, working on ships watching from 00 to 04 hours, in the middle of nowhere. We say thanks to their dedication, commitment and determination. Let’s make the world take note of what they do, the sacrifices and the danger they face every day.

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