Urgently Required Below Ranks with relevant experience for DSV/PSV/AHTS(DP

I/DP II) trading in West Africa/Nigeria/Brazil/Gulf.

Master(FG) (DP Unlimited)

Chief Officer(FG) (DP Unlimited/Limited)

Second Officer(FG) (DP Unlimited/Limited/With both DP Courses)

Chief Engineer (MEO Class-I)

Second Engineer (MEO Class-II)

ETO (With DP Maintenance course preferred)


Master Handler with AHTS experience

MASTERS  & Chief Engineer for Crew Boat(Panama/Belize – COC accepted)

Urgently Required below Ranks with minimum 18 months rank experience on

DSV/ROV/Construction/AHTS/Cable laying vessels for Saudi Aramco.

DP Master

Non DP Master

DP Chief Officer

Non DP Chief Officer

Second Mate – DPO

Second Mate – Non DP/Jr. DPO

Chief Engineer(With DP Maintenance Course Preferred)

Second Engineer

ETO(With DP Maintenance Course Preferred)


Safety Officer (Second Mate FG preferred)

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New Opening of offshore Vessels

By MarinersPlanet Posted in photos

3 comments on “New Opening of offshore Vessels

  1. i have Belize master coc and have 18 years exp to handle OSV, PSV,AHT and DP-1 Vessels looking for Master job

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