Stowaways are Extremely Disruptive to the Operation of a Ship

When discovered it is necessary for the crew to ensure that they are kept in secure accommodation, so as to prevent their escape. In one particular case eight stowaways were found hiding in the void space above the ship’s rudder. They had boarded the ship in Freetown and the next port of call was in Nigeria. Many stowaways are repeat offenders and therefore know what to expect when on the ship and are aware when efforts are being made to disembark them. It is quite common for stowaways to demand ‘pocket money’ in exchange for their co-operation. In this case, the ringleader demanded a substantial sum of cash for each of the stowaways to guarantee they would not be difficult when it came to their repatriation. Regrettably, the Master told the stowaways that they would be given some money and would be flown home. It is the case that stowaways are often given small amounts of cash for incidental traveling expenses but the amounts promised by the Master were much greater than normal. When it came to arranging the repatriation of the stowaways, they were insistent that they should receive what had been promised to them. Unfortunately the situation became more stressful when the stowaways learned that they were not to be flown home but were to be subject to an uncomfortable three-day drive back to Sierra Leone. Eventually, they were persuaded to reduce their expectations and the repatriation of the stowaways was arranged. Source: Britannia P&I

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Stowaways are Extremely Disruptive to the Operation of a Ship


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