Suntis death of 3 crew members

Police continued to investigate whether three men aboard the “Suntis” had died
from carbon monoxide poisoning at Goole docks. A 60-year-old from Germany and a
38-year-old and 33-year-old from the Philippines, were working on board the
“Suntis” when they fell ill. They were taken to Hull Royal Infirmary but died
later that day. Their deaths were not believed to be suspicious and officers are
investigating a number of theories. The Humberside Police could not confirm or
deny whether crew members, had died from carbon monoxide poisoning. They were
Called to the docks on May 26 at 7 a.m. by the ambulance service in relation to
crew members who had been taken ill on board the vessel. They were now working
with the Maritime Agency to establish what caused their death. Nothing fell on
them while they were working and they didn’t injure themselves and in any way
there was no risk to the general public. The “Suntis” had five crew members on
board when it docked at Goole on May 26. Two Goole dock workers were believed to
have helped the three men after being alerted by another crew member of the
“Suntis”. The workers were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure but
later released. No estimation on how long the investigation would take. The
“Suntis” docked in Goole on May 24 after it left Frederikshavn on May 21
following stops in Riga and Gdynia. The Health and Safety Executive has offered
specialist support to police and the Marine Accident
Investigation Branch, but it was not directly involved in the investigation.

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