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Maritime video is an online video portal for all the shipping related videos. Check out the fabulous ships and the exciting life at sea. The merchant navy videos, showing the life at the Merchant Navy ships. Watch the videos of different ships like- Garib Baba Kerel, European ship, sailing ship, Rofos ship, on board galley used for cooking meals, chief engineers cabin, bow cutting sea crest etc. Watch different  cargo ships shipping the load like Transcription, Safmarine Kawanza Ship, Ship sea Gulf, ship norte, Hansa Victory ship, Stena- Freighter, Vriesendiep ship, ship sea hope2 etc. these all ships carry cargo. Videos of passenger ships like Stubble ferry carrying passengers to trip at beach, Condor express, Volcan-del-teide ship and many more.  Watch different type of tanker vessels like chemical tanker ship, Erriamie ship, E. pioneer ship, Tarnsjo ship, wappen von Leipzig, torm Emilie ship. See the videos and blogs by different people on ship. You can rate the videos you like and can share your own shipping related videos by email to……..

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